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Closet Consultation and

Personal Shopping

A closet consultation is a great place to start when considering updating your personal style. It helps you discover and build from what you already own, and gives Shu the opportunity to gains an understanding of your personal preferences and lifestyle.


She views your closet with a fresh eye then pulls together clothes and accessory combos you may not have tried. She will also make a list of suggested purchases that will complete outfits or fill out seasonal and special-occasion needs.


When she comes across items that you don’t wear and are not worth building outfits around, she’ll help you decide whether they should be donated.


The desired result is to gain an efficient, functional wardrobe that makes sense and workable for you!  For additional tips to prepare you for your closet cleansing and personal shopping, please click here for the Closet Consultation Guide.

Package #1: A Fresh Start


This includes a Closet Cleansing and reassignment of gently used eligible items. These items will be donated to charity.

(No-Slip hanger "Switch-out" option for an additional cost)

Package #4: Cleanse And Shop


This includes a Closet Clean-out and Reassignment of gently used eligible items.

(No-Slip hanger "Switch-out" options for additional cost).
Followed by Personal Shopping from local boutiques and trendy stores for the most unique look for your own personal style.

(These can be done same-day or on two separate occasions).

Package #2: Shop Til You Drop

$275 For 4 Hours + $100/Hour After First 4 Hours


This includes a Personal Shopping session from local and trendy boutiques for the most unique look for your own personal style.

Package #5: Cleanse, Shop, Style, Complete!


This includes the Closet Clean-out and reassignment of gently used eligible items. Followed by Personal Shopping, Outfit Pairing session, and finished with your own personal Look Book (Via Online) so it will be available to you wherever you go!

Package #3: Finding Something To Wear!


This includes an Outfit Pairing session within your current wardrobe and a Look Book (Via Online) so you can have it with you wherever you go! Look Book includes photos compiled into categories from the outfit pairing session, as well as tips and silhouettes that best flatter your figure.

Package #6: Budget Based


Closet Remodel and styling over all is based on budget: This will be determined after consultation. Maintenance can also be arranged on a retainer, once per month or on call basis.

*Lux Lifestyle Services have terms and conditions. We recommend reading the Lux Lifestyle Services Contract before booking.

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