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ShuShu Faces is proud to say that we have partnered with some of the top talented photographers

in the business to provide you with the best quality product.

Advertising and Photography


Advertising or producing images that support a marketing idea in answer to a photographic brief given by a client, a designer or an advertising agency is the first step in guaranteeing success for your business. We at ShuShu Faces take pride in providing our clients with the best talent in the industry to produce the highest quality of work either for a magazine, small business or promotional purposes.

Commercial Photography


Commercial Photography can involve any subject matter, but is often categorized into specialist areas: still life, portraiture and landscape. Some work is carried out on location, but much is done in studios, using studio flash lighting and a variety of props and accessories. 

Editorial Photography


Editorial Photography involves images to accompany or feature articles in newspapers, magazines and websites, chapters in books and text in company brochures. This type of photography is invaluable and is recommended to work with a company who can provide quality images which best represents your business or brand.

*Photography Services have terms and conditions. We recommend reading the Photography Consent Form before booking.

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